Video Highlights

Below are links to videos mentioned in the text, Healthcare Project Management, and here’s my YouTube Playlist to quickly access  more.

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Project, Program, and Portfolio Management

Mayo Clinic – Project Management (4 minutes 59 seconds)

History of Project Management (music only) (5 minutes 26 seconds)

The Future of US Healthcare by Barry Bittman, MD (6 minutes 46 seconds)

Project Management for Healthcare by Tivitie/Wicresoft (43 minutes 34 seconds)

Chapter 2 – Selecting Projects, Programs, and Portfolios

Maximise the Power of Your Brain – Tony Buzan on mind mapping (5 minutes 39 seconds)

MindView 4 – Mind Mapping Quickstart Tutorial (15 minutes 43 seconds)

2010 PMI Project of the Year Finalist: Norton Brownsboro Hospital Project (7 minutes 12 seconds)

Chapter 3 – Initiating Projects

How to Kickoff a Project (5 minutes 32 seconds)

Starting a New Project (3 minutes 37 seconds)

TEDxRainier – Joe Justice – WikiSpeed (9:56)

Scrum in 10 Minutes (8 minutes 52 seconds)

Intro to Kanban in Under 5 Minutes (4 minutes 9 seconds)

Chapter 4 – Planning Projects Part 1 (Integration and Scope Management)

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure in MindView (12 minutes 26 seconds)

How to Create WBS – Brainstorm and Organize Planning Content by Jim Franklin (3:48)

Work Breakdown Structure demonstration by Andy Kaufman (8:57)

How to Plan Projects with your Team by Jennifer Bridges (3:07)

Tips to Perfect the Project Planning Process by Jennifer Bridges (4:40)

Chapter 5 – Planning Projects Part 2 (Time and Cost Management)

Solving the Health Care Cost Crisis (9 minutes 51 seconds)

Chapter 6 – Planning Projects Part 3 (Quality, Human Resource, Communications, Stakeholder, Risk, and Procurement Management)

Design We Can All Live With (7 minutes 37 seconds)

Chapter 7 – Executing Projects

Jimmy Kimmel Handsome Men’s Club (9 minutes 26 seconds)

Dan Pink’s Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us (10 minutes 48 seconds)

iDoctor Could a smartphone be the future of medicine (8 minutes 51 seconds)

Chapter 8 – Monitoring and Controlling Projects

Rooting Out Waste in Health Care by Taking Cue From Toyota (8 minutes 47 seconds)

Chapter 9 – Closing Projects

Challenger disaster live on CNN (2 minutes 24 seconds)

Challenger’s lessons still echo 25 years later (2 minutes 23 seconds)

Chapter 10 – Best Practices

Lecture of a lifetime (8 minutes 52 seconds)

Top 10 TED Talks on Healthcare

My co-author, Dan Furlong, likes to show a few humorous videos during presentations. Below are links to a few of them: