First edition

Corrections already included in  July 2013 printing:

p. 12, 2nd bullet, delete repeated words “in response”

p. 57, 3rd last para., last line, change results to result

p. 112, under Current Situation, last line of 1st para., change that to than

p. 137, 2nd last para., line 5, delete comma after scope

p. 172, Quick Quiz answers, change to 4. A; 5. A; 7.B. Other answers are correct.

p. 189, caption for Figure 5-10, delete installation

p. 204, line 11, change schedule to scheduled

p. 209, Video Highlights, 2nd line of 2nd para., delete space between govern and mental

pp. 216-217, all Quick Quiz options should be labeled A-D

p. 269, change Figure 6-22 caption to 6-21. Also in second last line,change reference from Figure 6-23 to 6-22

p. 270, change Figure 6-23 caption to 6-22

p. 419, 2nd last para., line 5, fix spelling of sectors

p. 452, step 1, end after 2013 and delete Figure A-17

p. 453, 3rd line, change A-18 to A-17

p. 454, move Figure A-18 caption to bottom of previous page

p. 461, change figure caption from A-19 to A-24