Welcome to the companion site for Healthcare Project Management, Second Edition, by Kathy Schwalbe and Dan Furlong, published Dec. 1, 2017 by Schwalbe Publishing.

July 2020: Link to free agile exercises and cases

April 11, 2020: Link to new free resources from PMI

Buy the second edition of this book on amazon.com (ISBN: 978-1976573279) or an electronic copy for only $38 from redshelf.com. The second edition is based on the current, 2017 PMBOK® Guide. Book stores can send purchase orders to schwalbe@augsburg.edu for a 25% discount.


Quick links:

  • Healthcare Project Management, Second Edition Chapter 1
  • Appendix B Resources (Word file with cases and other info)
  • 2018pmtemplates (zip file with over 60 template files)
  • more_templates (zip file with modified templates created by Rhett Smith, Adjunct instructor at Appalachian State University, added May 30, 2019). Feel free to modify templates to meet your needs.
  • new-project2016files  for Appendix A. (Note that the tracking.mpp file was added in Nov 2018. Use that file to start the section on “Entering Baseline Plan, Actual Costs, and Actual Times).  Project 2013 files if you are using that version.
  • Site to download free trial of Project Online Professional. You can still follow the instructions in my book with this version. Simply open the template files provided, and they should open in Project Online. Here’s a link to slight changes made in 2019 from Microsoft. Consider using Basecamp – totally online and free for educators with no expiration.

If you have any questions or comments or are an instructor and want a desk copy, please email  schwalbe@augsburg.edu.  You can also report errors or suggest enhancement ideas for the book or Web site at this link.

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